AVL | Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

AVL has put in place a new Carbon Footprint Reduction Plan for 2009, which aims to reduce the company’s carbon footprint over the coming months and years.

Thanks to the development of cleaner engines within the trucking industry, AVL’s vehicles are far more environmentally friendly than ever before.

Our modern fleet of vehicles complies with Euro 4/5 regulations. This has helped our business improve continuously on its environmental performance – reducing a number of emissions and in some cases, made them all but disappear.

Fuel consumption is a focal point for the company in 2009. Although there have been improvements in fuel consumption, our aim is to achieve a further reduction of 10 per cent.

As a business, we see this makes both environmental sense and common sense, as fuel is one of our highest costs.

Other environmental issues being addressed by AVL inclulde:

  1. Ensuring we keep within all national and European mph/kph limits
  2. Undertaking statutory fuel efficiency training for our drivers
  3. Working towards a paperless office

AVL has always taken its environmental and corporate responsibility extremely seriously. We feel that a structured, planned approach is the only way to achieve our environmental goals.

We are confident that our efforts, along with support from others in our industry, will help us deliver a cleaner tomorrow.