AVL | Self–drive – Car shipping – the downside

Emigrating, or temporarily moving abroad? Considering the shipping your car? Driving it yourself? AVL can provide you with a car transport alternative.

In theory, a self–drive, two–day journey through some of the prettiest countryside in, say, France or Spain can seem an idyllic way to start a holiday or a new life abroad.

But even with a well–planned route, the reality is often a 48-hour slog resulting in frayed nerves and an empty wallet. Not to mention the wear and tear on you, your family and your car.

Although the roads are generally well maintained and cross channel ferries reasonably priced, hidden extras like fuel price hikes, motorway tolls and overnight accommodation soon push up the real cost of transporting your vehicle.

You can trust AVL to provide a hassle–free, cost–effective way to transport your vehicle abroad.

“I couldn’t believe it when I got to Malaga and my car was sitting waiting on me. I must admit with being used to the Spanish way of life I thought it would be too good too be true for there to be no problems. I was more than happy with your service and I will recommend your company to anybody needing to transport a vehicle.”

Mrs L. Cook